Julia Jacobsen

Director of Marketing, Secondary Schools


Julia Jacobsen has been an active volunteer in the Palo Alto schools for the last 20 years. After many years of teaching parent-led home preschool, she shifted her focus to volunteering in her children’s schools. She has volunteered in many roles including leadership as PTA President at El Carmelo Elementary and JLS Middle School and as Executive VP on the PTA Council of Palo Alto.

Julia has five children; her youngest two attend Gunn High School. Julia’s professional experience includes seminar coordination, financial management, project management for conferences, and teaching piano lessons. She has been involved in leadership for youth and women in her church community. She holds a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University.

Her husband, Erik, did the most recent update to the Partners in Education logo and helped PiE with various design projects for many years through his graphic design studio. As a couple, she and her husband run family camps in the summer at a ranch in Idaho and are involved with Beechwood School in East Menlo Park. She enjoys hiking with friends, Pilates, travel, and time with her family.