Tina Kuan

Campaign Director of Secondary Schools


Tina Kuan has been an active volunteer in PAUSD since moving back to the Bay Area in 2017. Having spent over 12 years overseas in Shanghai where both kids grew up, she helped launch a Character Education program at their bilingual school. Tina has been a Pi! Rep for the last two years and volunteers within the community. She has a daughter at the Castilleja School and a son at Greene Middle School.

Tina’s professional background includes over 20 years of technology sales and marketing experience, most recently serving as a CMO for a global podcast platform. Tina co-founded and launched three companies across technology, education, and retail verticals. Tina holds a B.S. from Indiana University, the School of Kelley, and is currently at DocuSign. In her free time, Tina enjoys dancing, reading and spending quality time with friends and family.