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The Power of Flexibility: PiE Helps PAUSD Principals Respond to Student Needs

Palo Alto principals are innovative leaders always on the lookout for new ideas that will help their students grow and learn. And thanks to funding from PiE, all PAUSD principals have flexible resources they can deploy to address the unique needs of their school communities. This edition of the Slice explores the creative ways that schools are using their PiE funds to help students engage in a wide array of learning opportunities, from second language acquisition, to writing, performing arts and more.


PiE Helps Extend Learning at Palo Alto High Schools

As any educator, parent or coach will tell you, classrooms are not the only place where teenage brains grasp new knowledge or concepts. Both Gunn and Palo Alto High School are capturing these “light-bulb moments” by extending learning beyond the school day and outside of the classroom, thanks to the flexible funding from PiE.
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Terman Homework Habitat for websiteIN OUR MIDDLE SCHOOLS

Flexible Funding from PiE Supports Writing Across the Curriculum

The consensus is clear among all three Palo Alto middle schools: Students need to hone in on their writing skills during these crucial years. In every PAUSD middle school, principals are using the flexible funding they receive from PiE to bolster writing instruction and help students sharpen their ability to write clearly in all content areas, including math and science. But true to Palo Alto’s site-based approach, each school is taking a different path towards this same goal.
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Using PiE to Respond to Students’ Diverse Needs

All organizations benefit from flexibility, and Palo Alto elementary schools are no exception. However, due to budget rules, school codes and other constraints, Palo Alto principals have limited ways to respond rapidly to the needs of their particular students and families. That’s where PiE comes in. Thanks to donations to PiE, elementary school principals in Palo Alto are fortunate to have flexible spending grants they can use to fund programs that are tailored to needs of their particular school population.
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Suzanne and Brian Quo

Ask PAUSD parents Suzanne and Bryan Quo what makes Palo Alto such a great place to live, and they just might answer with three words: location, community and family.
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