The Slice – Fall 2014

Caring Adults Matter

When it comes to education, it’s the people that matter more than the building or the materials. That’s why donations to PiE are used primarily to increase the number of caring adults that Palo Alto students interact with on a daily basis.

In PAUSD elementary schools, PiE pays for classroom aides that allow teachers to differentiate instruction and funds counselors who provide social emotional support to students. In PAUSD middle schools, PiE funding enables counselors to follow students in each grade level, connect with their classroom teachers and provide academic and emotional support. And in both Palo Alto high schools, PiE funds ensure that all students have access to both high quality counseling and strong college and career guidance.

This month we meet the teachers’ aides and counselors that are funded by PiE, who help ensure that all students in Palo Alto public schools are known by a range of experienced, committed and caring adults.


PiE Builds Connections to Caring Adults in Elementary School

Thanks to donations from PiE, PAUSD elementary teachers have aides in their classrooms for an average of about six hours each week. These aides provide additional educational support for students ranging from one-on-one help to working with small groups. Aides also allow teachers to differentiate learning for students who need enrichment or extra help.

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Jordan Counseling SessionIN OUR MIDDLE SCHOOLS

PiE-Funded Counselors Are Crucial to Navigating Middle School in Palo Alto

Navigating middle school can be a challenge, to say the least. To get through this occasionally tumultuous time of change, students need an all-encompassing support system that addresses their academic, social, personal, and emotional well-being. Enter the PAUSD middle school guidance counselors, all supported by donations to PiE. These counselors strive to make middle school less daunting and more of a caring and supportive place for Palo Alto students.
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High School Elective Teachers: A Contagious Passion for Learning

The elective teachers at Gunn and Paly are uniquely positioned to connect with the community’s high school students, and their passion and expertise is instrumental in furthering discoveries that can grow into lifelong pursuits. In this Slice, we sit down with two of these PiE-funded teachers to find out why they love what they do.
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Michael Repka

“PiE gives us the opportunity to do the exact same thing for our community, by spreading our investment across all neighborhoods and schools.” By supporting Palo Alto schools through PiE, Michael and Ken believe the investment DeLeon Realty makes in the local community is “money well spent.”
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PiE Morsels

  • PiE’s Final Challenge Runs November 12-21
    PiE invites our community to please help us end our campaign in time for Thanksgiving this year. Please support our important work with PAUSD by giving or pledging during this period, and your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $225,000 for PiE. Your gift matters–please support PiE.
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