The Slice – May 2014

The People Who Bring PiE Alive

PAUSD families hear it at every Back to School Night: The PTA pays for stuff, while PiE pays for staff. But these words are abstract until parents connect with the wonderful educators that come to our schools thanks to PiE. In elementary schools, donations to PiE allow PAUSD schools to provide enriching and exciting lessons in instrumental music, art and hands on science. At the middle and high schools, PiE dollars help pay for innovative elective teachers that ignite student interest in topics such as marine science, robotics and sports nutrition. This month, we meet some dedicated and passionate teachers who show how PiE donations add value to public education in Palo Alto. Plus they have some terrific ideas for extending learning this summer!


Science and Music Teachers Add Excitement and Enrichment

PiE dollars pay for all or part of the salaries for teachers who lead some of the most popular programs in PAUSD elementary schools, such as SPECTRA Art, hands-on science, and instrumental music. This month we meet two of the PiE-funded teachers who create excitement and enrichment through their magical rapport with children.
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Passionate Experts Make Middle School Electives Exciting

Middle school is a time of exploration and discovery, when many students encounter elective classes that ignite interests that will sustain them through high school, college and even their careers. In this edition of the Slice, we meet three of these PAUSD elective teachers and find out why they love to teach their specialties.
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High School Elective Teachers: A Contagious Passion for Learning

The elective teachers at Gunn and Paly are uniquely positioned to connect with the community’s high school students, and their passion and expertise is instrumental in furthering discoveries that can grow into lifelong pursuits. In this Slice, we sit down with two of these PiE-funded teachers to find out why they love what they do.
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Lisa and Rich GerouldDONOR PROFILE

Lisa and Rich Gerould

“We want to keep our schools competitive, and to do so, we have to supplement public school budgets. We have supported sports, media arts, the PTA and choir, but we always view our annual PIE donation as the core of our giving.”

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PiE Morsels

  • Have a great and enjoyable summer! In this edition of the Slice, you’ll find tips from PiE-funded teachers for how to extend your children’s learning in science, music and more this summer. We hope you enjoy these relaxing months with your family!
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