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What is PiE

Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is a non-profit education foundation devoted exclusively to raising funds for all PAUSD schools. Powered by a dedicated team of parent volunteers, PiE helps provide important programs and additional instructional staff so that our students can thrive, receive an enriched education and be well prepared for the 21st century. Funds raised by PiE help each of the 11,600 pre-K through 12th grade PAUSD students in all 18 schools.

PiE in Elementary Schools

In our elementary schools, PiE donors provide the additional caring adults that take care of our kids, from aides to counselors to arts and sciences enrichment.
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PiE in Middle Schools

PAUSD middle school students benefit from additional counselors, new transition programs, and lots of additional electives thanks to PiE donors.
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PiE in High Schools

Palo Alto’s outstanding high schools are made even better by PiE donors with lots of additional guidance counselor time, even more electives choices, and college and career counseling for all.
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PiE Affiliations and Partners

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Palo Alto Council PTA
Peninsula Pediatric Dentistry
Juliana Lee
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