Mission, Vision & Values


PiE raises money from parents and the community to provide all Palo Alto Unified School District students an educational experience beyond what is possible with public funding.


PiE’s volunteers, in partnership with parents, schools, and the community, will ensure every student in the Palo Alto Unified School District experiences an enriched and fulfilling education.


  • Education Matters – We believe that a prosperous society has its roots in a strong, well-funded public school system.
  • Funding Matters – We believe consistently well-funded schools are able to prepare our graduates to meet the challenges and opportunities of our world.
  • Partnership – We join forces with parents, the school district, PTAs, boosters, principals, teachers, students, businesses, and the extended community to enhance Palo Alto Unified School District schools for all students.
  • Equity – We are dedicated to the founding ideals of equality as we strive to provide an enriched education to all Palo Alto Unified School District students.
  • Academic and Personal Growth – We support schools in their efforts to nourish our children’s intellect, self-expression, social skills, and engagement with the larger world.
  • Broad Support – We welcome all donations, large and small, and recognize that broad community involvement sends a powerful message of caring about the growth and future of all children in our public schools.
  • Volunteer Diversity – Volunteers from all backgrounds strengthen PiE and our schools.
  • Integrity – Fundraising efforts are conducted with honesty and adherence to the highest degree of ethical standards.
  • Efficiency – A foundation run primarily by dedicated volunteers maximizes the contribution to schools and minimizes overhead.
  • Innovation – We are committed to innovation in addressing our District’s funding needs, and to facilitating the District's innovation in teaching.

Please read our 2017-2026 strategic plan, including our top priorities for this period.