Community Partners

Providing the present generation of children here in California with the very finest education requires more than just public funding. Maintaining and building upon the academic excellence which draws families to our neighborhoods and keeps property values high, we not only depend on parents but upon philanthropists and community-minded individuals who might not currently have children enrolled in Palo Alto Unified schools. Grandparents, parents of PAUSD alumni students, neighbors, civic-minded individuals, along with local small businesses and foundations all helped PiE achieve its $5 million gift last year.

Our Community Direct Appeal permits non-parent community members to help fund our school campaign and PiE Innovation Grants. Corporate sponsors also help by providing matching gifts and local foundations and businesses can become PiE Business Partners.

A donation to PiE represents both an investment in the future of the children of Palo Alto, and an affirmation of the core community value of an outstanding public education. It sends a powerful message of caring about the growth and future of all children in our public schools. Last year PiE received $40,460 from individual community members.

Thank you, in advance, for your investment in our children’s future.