At our elementary schools, PiE funds make sure that those extra pairs of hands (general classroom aides or instructional assistants) are in the classroom regularly to support individual learning and small group instruction. PiE also pays for counseling and improving school climate efforts for elementary schools.

Supplemental science instruction provided by donations to PiE helps elementary students discover, hands-on, how things work, while funding for technology helps kids acquire crucial technology skills. PiE funds part of the district traveling music team for all elementary schools to help students gain a well-rounded education. And PiE funds the Spectra Art and other arts program for the entire district, nurturing our budding artists and building confidence in kids across PAUSD.

For the latest news about how PiE has made an impact at our elementary schools, see Latest News - In Our Elementary Schools.

Elementary School Fund Areas of Focus

  • Classroom Support Staff: Classroom aides, instructional assistants, math specialists, and counselors, who foster, enrich, and help differentiate teaching and learning for all students
  • Science and Technology Instructors: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) instructors whose hands-on lessons and innovative teaching methods help build key skills and spark student interest
  • Creative Arts Staff: Spectra Art, music, theater, and other performing arts classes to ensure a creative and well-rounded curriculum

Specific Impact of PiE Funds