At the middle school level, PiE funding has allowed middle schools to add a variety of electives to help kids find their "spark" and to lower class sizes in all electives courses. Donations to PiE also make more counselors available to more kids, allowing counselors to stay with their student peers through all three grades to form deeper and more meaningful connections between them and their students. Specialists and mentors at all three schools help teachers improve writing and literacy instruction and leverage technology for its most effective use in teaching and learning.

For the latest news about how PiE has made an impact at our middle schools, see Latest News - In Our Middle Schools.

Middle School Fund Areas of Focus

  • Innovative Learning Programs: Compelling and practical electives focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), such as computer programming, biotechnology, creative writing, stage technology, and music to spark students’ interest and build essential 21st century skills
  • Student Guidance and Support: Counselors, mentors, and advisors to support social and emotional learning for all students, as well as academic guidance, character education, online safety, and next grade transition programs
  • Classroom Support: Enhanced writing instruction, reading support and technology applied to curriculum with the help of specialists and mentors

Specific Impact of PiE Funds