At both of our outstanding high schools, PiE dollars help reduce electives class sizes by offering additional choices to help students find their passion, from engineering and music support, to biotechnology, hybrid online classes, and other exciting science and arts courses. Donations to PiE also pay for additional counselors, making counseling support more accessible to all students. And PiE pays for staffing to help improve College and Career advice, helping to staff programs that help college applications go smoothly and ensure college readiness for all students. Contributions to PiE also fund Paly and Gunn programs for incoming freshman, as well as outreach efforts for all.

For the latest news about how PiE has made an impact at our high schools, see Latest News - In Our High Schools.

High School Fund Areas of Focus

  • Innovative Learning Programs: Compelling and practical electives focused on STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) such as graphic design, engineering and others, to spark students’ interests and build essential 21st century skills
  • Student Guidance and Support: Counselors, mentors, and advisors to support social and emotional learning as well as academic guidance, to foster adult and student connections, and to help build student resilience
  • College and Career Counseling: Advisors and resource programs that provide individual counseling to help all students choose among a variety of pathways to success and to plan wisely for the future

Specific Impact of PiE Funds