PiE Dollars at Work at Your School

Donations to PiE surround our students with opportunities for support and enrichment that would otherwise be missing.  You can click the links at the left to see how PiE helps at each individual school and level, but overall contributions to PiE provide for additional aides, counseling, specialists and instructional assistants for every student, as well as arts, music, science, technology and other electives to help kids develop a passion for schools.

Without your gifts to PiE, PAUSD students would attend markedly different schools, with many fewer caring adults for each student. In fact, PiE donations each year pay for more than 85,000 additional hours of support and enrichment, delivered by over 250 staff members funded in part or fully by PiE. That's why your gift of any amount is so important.

PiE donations are distributed equally per pupil.