PiE Representatives

Each PAUSD school has a team of dedicated parent volunteers as its PiE Representatives who answer questions that arise from other parents. In addition, a team of volunteer PiE Marketing professionals devote their expertise to communicate about PiE in an annual report, newsletters, and our videos.

Become a PiE Rep!

We’d love your help by being a PiE Rep. PiE makes an impact across every school for every student. We want you to join our team! PiE Rep Teams at each school share responsibility with:

  • Being a knowledgeable resource for info about PiE for the school community
  • Hanging and taking down PiE Banners a couple of times per year
  • Being present at Back-to-School and Rally Days events and organizing info/treats as appropriate (2-3 times/year)
  • Meeting with the principal to coordinate PiE’s involvement with BTS nights, Rally Days and other campus events
  • Getting PiE info into school communications (E-News, marquee, etc.)
  • Sending out emails to the school community reminding them to make their donations during the Challenge Grant period

The bigger the team, the better (and more fun) it is! Whether you can do a lot or a little, every set of hands will help. Email info@papie.org to sign up!