Palo Altans Donate $4.4 Million to Public Schools Through Palo Alto Partners in Education Foundation

More Than 4,500 Donors Join Forces to Preserve School Funding

(March 28, 2012) PALO ALTO, CA – Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE), the education foundation benefiting Palo Alto public schools, Download a PDF version of this press announced a $4.4 million annual gift to the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD). Fueled by donations from more than 4,500 parents, community members, and local businesses, the 2012 PiE Annual Gift comes at a critical time to help offset reductions in Palo Alto school budgets caused by California’s state-wide cuts. The grant was made at the monthly School Board meeting yesterday.

The PiE foundation’s education grants to PAUSD each year underwrite critical programs as well as dozens of teacher and staff positions. This year’s gift will fund classroom support and science and art specialists in the elementary schools; student counseling, teacher coaches and elective enrichment in the middle schools; and college and career counseling, student guidance and technology education in the high schools. The gift will benefit every student in the district, as PiE dollars are allocated on a per student basis to provide funding at each school.

“On behalf of the district, I am both grateful and inspired by the generosity of this community in its support for our schools,” said PAUSD Superintendent Dr. Kevin Skelly. “In these tough state-wide economic conditions, donations to our schools via the PiE education foundation fill many gaps and keep our schools well rounded and competitive.”

“This grant demonstrates a community-wide commitment to preserving Palo Alto’s high caliber schools. Parents and community members alike trust PiE as the central, accepted and sustainable way to preserve school funding,” said Elaine Hahn, president of PiE. “I am tremendously grateful to our donors – and enormously proud of PiE’s more than 100 volunteers.”

Aides, Arts, and Science for Elementary Schools

This year, Palo Alto’s 12 elementary schools and Young 5s program will receive a combined $2.35M for classroom support, arts instruction, and science enrichment. This includes 100 percent of district level funding for Spectra Art, the PAUSD elementary art program. PiE also funds classroom aides and support, allowing for differentiation in small group instruction. PiE’s supplemental science funding enables hands-on discovery for budding elementary scientists.

Counselors, Electives, and Mentors for Middle Schools

The three middle schools will receive a combined $850K for student counseling, teacher coaches and elective enrichment. PiE funds make more counselors available to more kids, allowing counselors to ‘loop, ’or stay with the same students throughout their middle school years. In addition, electives such as chorus, creative writing, public speaking and an accelerated industrial tech are supported by PiE dollars.

Counselors, Guidance, and Electives for High Schools

PAUSD’s two high schools will receive a combined $1.2M for college & career counseling, student guidance, and career/technology education. PiE funds additional college and career counselor time, helping all students plan for their future. PiE also funds LinkCrew at Palo Alto High School, a program that fosters student connections by training select juniors and seniors on leadership, then applying their new skills with freshmen, at orientation and all year long. In addition, career/technology electives like Engineering, Biotechnology, and an online Java programming class are helping prepare our high school students for an ever-changing world.

About Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE)

Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education foundation dedicated to supporting all Palo Alto public schools. PiE partners with parents, the Palo Alto Unified School District and the community to raise funds to give all students in PAUSD the best education possible. Since PiE’s inception in 2004-­‐05, it has donated more than $18 million to Palo Alto Schools. Parents and community members interested in supporting Palo Alto schools via PiE may visit its website at


Andrea Fleming, Palo Alto Partners In Education