Partners in Education (PiE) Launches $5.85 Million Fundraising Campaign

PiE funds critical programs and staffing positions for all PAUSD schools, with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), the Arts, and Wellness and Support.

(August 11, 2018) PALO ALTO, CA – Partners in Education (PiE) announced today the launch of the 2018-19 fundraising campaign, which aims to secure $5.85 million in donations to support excellence in education for Palo Alto Unified School District students.  The campaign kicks off with a back-to-school challenge grant of $500,000, encouraging early participation by doubling donations made or pledged by September 4.

Community founded and funded, PiE allocates resources to every PAUSD school on a per pupil basis, by level. Each principal uses these funds towards staffing the programs that matter most for the students and families at their school location. PiE funds contribute to three focus areas: STEM, the Arts, and Wellness and Support and represent 85,000 hours of support and enrichment and full or partial salaries for critical staff members.

“Palo Alto families created PiE because they wanted an excellent education for their children—more than state and local funding alone could provide. Thanks to the generous donations from our community, PiE is able to help fund 250 additional support staff across our 18 schools.”  said Kamal Ardeshna, President of PiE’s Board of Directors. “This year’s campaign begins with a $500,000 matching challenge grant, which we hope will encourage more PAUSD families to double the impact of their contributions by pledging or donating to PiE between now and September 4, 2018. Every single donation makes an impact for our students. Many of us moved to Palo Alto because of the great schools; community support of PiE is a big part of the reason why our schools are remarkable. “

After weathering a challenging fundraising environment the previous year, PiE volunteers in 2017 increased efforts to illustrate the need for PiE and the role the nonprofit plays in offering Palo Alto students an education that is commensurate with high performing districts elsewhere in the country. A successful campaign allowed for a total gift of $5.75 million, which helps counteract the negative effects of Proposition 13 on Palo Alto schools.

Donations to Palo Alto schools through PiE make an importance difference at every school and grade level, from pre-kindergarten through high school.

  • Elementary: STEM – Science, technology, and math enrichment; The Arts – Art and music programs; Wellness and Support – Classroom Aides, Counseling, and social-emotional learning.
  • Middle: STEM – Science, technology and math electives; The Arts – Music, choir, and art electives; and Wellness and Support – Guidance counseling and transition programs.
  • High School: STEM – Science, engineering and math electives; The Arts – Graphic Arts electives; and Wellness and Support – College and Career counseling, guidance counseling, mindfulness, and transition programs.


Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education foundation devoted exclusively to raising money for all Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) schools, and the only foundation dedicated to raising funds to pay for PAUSD teachers and staff. Through PiE’s partnership with parents, the school district, community members and businesses, PiE raises funds to help give all students in PAUSD an enriched and fulfilling education. Since PiE’s inception in 2004-05, it has donated over $53 million to Palo Alto schools. Learn more about PiE by visiting the Palo Alto Partners in Education website:


Kirstin Sego, Communications Chair


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