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Addison Elementary

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650 Addison Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 322-5935

For the 2020-21 school year, generous support from parents and community donors has allowed PiE to provide Addison with $196,561 which will be spent on:

  • General Classroom Aides, so that all classrooms will get vital classroom aide time daily. Aides are a tangible, integral part of every child’s classroom experience at Addison, and PiE funds will pay for all of this time
  • Bill the Science Guy from the Junior Museum and Zoo, so that all students receive science instruction that is hands-on, experiential, and fun! PiE funds will cover 100% of this program
  • Spectra Art, so that all classrooms benefit from regular art instruction, to build student confidence and artistic expression. PiE funds will pay for all of this program
  • Staff to help with interventions and classroom support
  • Counseling support five days per week

Through a grant to the district, PiE also helps support the traveling music and dance programs for all elementary schools.

Your 2020-21 Addison PiE Representatives are Sonia Joshi, Sushmita Vij, and Yu-En Tsai. Questions? Please email addison AT SIGN


“The students at Addison have had unique educational experiences that support their individualized learning thanks to the generous contributions of PiE. PiE funds our aides who are invaluable as they work alongside the teachers to make sure each student makes progress in the academic content areas. Furthermore, the aides and counselors support the social/emotional development both inside the classroom and out on the playground. The Spectra Art and science programs funded by PiE provide an enrichment opportunity for all students. The success of PAUSD students does not happen by chance; through the generous support of parents and PiE, we are creating the conditions for a strong academic and social/emotional program.”

Amanda Boyce, Principal

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