Duveneck Elementary

For the 2020-21 school year, support from parents and community members has allowed PiE to provide $205,546 for use at Duveneck. These generous gifts will be used on campus to benefit every Duveneck student:

  • To fund nearly all of the general classroom aide time, so that all classrooms get multiple hours of vital classroom aide time weekly. Aides allow for small group instruction, differentiation in instruction, and guided reading for all students
  • To fund 100% of the supplemental science program with six hand-on classes per grade per year by Arad from the Junior Museum and Zoo, so that all students receive experiential science instruction closely linked to the curriculum
  • To fund a Spectra Art teacher so that all classrooms benefit from regular art instruction, for multi-dimensional learning, creativity, and increased confidence
  • To pay for interactive TheatreWorks programs including “Playing with Poetry” and “Playing with Math” to allow for fun, movement and creative teaching and learning in core subjects
  • To fund part of Duveneck’s counseling support and life skills training for all students, part of the instructional support team that oversees school climate and social kindness efforts
  • Through a grant to the district, PiE also helps fund the music and dance programs for all elementary schools

Duveneck’s PiE Representative for 2020-21 is Sheri Shamdasani. Questions about PiE? Please email us at duveneck@papie.org.

Some of the programs and roles described above are based on the prior, in-person learning model. As plans evolve during the pandemic, these programs may be offered virtually or adapted as the school year progresses.

School Address & Phone Number:

705 Alester Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 322-5946

“Partners in Education is an integral part of our community. With its supplementary funding, all PAUSD schools are able to provide students with the best educational experience possible, enhancing their school days through enriching opportunities and activities. Please join me in supporting and expanding the PiE and PAUSD partnership; let us continue to provide the best possible educational opportunities and create legacies for each of our children.”

Leslie Crane, Principal