El Carmelo Elementary

For the 2022-23 school year, generous gifts from parents and community members have allowed PiE to provide $146,204 for use at El Carmelo. During this school year, the funds will:

  • Fund general classroom aide time, so that all classrooms get multiple hours of vital classroom aide time weekly. Hours are greatest at the kindergarten level to help our youngest students grow accustomed to their new learning community and a full day schedule. Classroom aides are vital at El Carmelo, providing teachers with the flexibility to differentiate their instructional practice, teaching each child at his or her academic level. Instructional aides facilitate powerful one on one and small group teaching and learning in literacy and math in every El Carmelo classroom
  • Fund 100% of the Spectra Art instructors so that all children can have access to regular art lessons to build creativity, confidence, and a new way of looking at the world
  • Pay for sessions of Junior Museum and Zoo hands-on experiential science instruction linked to the PAUSD curriculum
  • Fund one-on-one or in small group counseling services for students to help facilitate and optimize classroom and playground dynamics and social-emotional skills in students
  • Through a grant to the district, PiE also helps fund the music and dance programs for all elementary schools

Your 2022-23 PiE Representatives for El Carmelo are Nicole Macula, Robyn Reiss, and Rosanna Jackson. Questions about PiE? You can email them at elcarmelo@papie.org.

School Address & Phone Number:

3024 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 856-0960

“When I think of what encompasses a whole education, I think about what the whole child needs to grow and become a happy and fulfilled person. The arts are an integral part of what brings joy to our children and allows them to feel happy. With the support from PiE, El Carmelo students can experience the arts through Spectra Art and music instruction and find joy through creating. Social-emotional learning is another important aspect of learning that helps our students learn to socialize with others and develop harmonious relationships. Thanks to PiE, our school is able to have a counselor who can support students to develop social-emotional literacy, strong relationships and build resiliency. Finally, our students learn from many adults in their lives who can be positive examples to them and PiE is able to provide funds to hire classroom aides to support our children’s learning everyday. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to PiE to make the best education possible for our students.”

Aleyda Barrera-Cruz, Former Principal