Fletcher Middle School

Thanks to parent and community support for Partners in Education, Fletcher will receive $306,654 to support its students for the 2020-21 school year. These funds are used as follows:

  • Additional Compelling Electives — PiE dollars allow Fletcher to offer a wider array of electives so that kids can discover subjects they love in school and help reduce elective class size. PiE helps fund staffing for electives in music, technology, creative writing, and art
  • Student Guidance and Support — PiE donations provide nearly all of the support for an additional counselor. This allows Fletcher counselors to move with the students from 6th through 8th grade, providing continuity and a deeper connection with individual students. Counselors also have the time to meet weekly with teacher teams to check in with teachers about students and help maintain student wellness and connections. PiE funds also help pay for work in the area of school climate and social kindness
  • Classroom Support — PiE dollars help support a Teacher on Special Assignment at Fletcher who helps ensure that technology is well-deployed throughout the school (which is increasingly important in this era of Common Core)

Your 2019-20 PiE Representatives are Rachel Miller, Greta Gize Olbrich, Jennifer Carlstrom, Heewon Park, Rashmi Mohan, Shirley Xiaoyong Wang, Patrick Sullivan, Ana Eng, and Christina Wilner. Questions about PiE? Please email them at fletcher@papie.org.

Some of the programs and roles described above are based on the prior, in-person learning model. As plans evolve during the pandemic, these programs may be offered virtually or adapted as the school year progresses.

School Address & Phone Number:

655 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 856-9810

“Ellen Fletcher Middle School is fortunate to have a strong and valued partnership with PiE. We are grateful for the generosity from PiE that continues to allow support for our diverse elective offering, ability to provide grade level guidance counseling, technology resources, and increase our ability to foster social-emotional development in our students. PiE funds enrich the lives of our students and help to implant a love of learning in our community! The staff at Fletcher Middle School are extremely thankful! Thank you.”

Melissa Howell, Principal