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Greene Middle School

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750 N. California Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94303
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At Greene Middle School, the funds generously donated by parents and community members have allowed PiE to provide Greene with $444,136. The money will be spent in 2019-20 in these vital areas to impact all students:

  • Additional Compelling Electives — Donations to PiE enrich the electives environment and reduce elective class sizes at Greene. PiE funds will enable sections of creative writing, music sectionals and specialists, math enrichment, choir and accompanist, biotechnology, ceramics, Greene TV (video production), and architectural drawing. PiE dollars allow Greene to offer a wide array of electives so that kids can discover subjects they love in school
  • Student Guidance and Support — Gifts to PiE help fund additional counseling time, making it possible for each grade at Greene to have its own counselor who will travel all three years with the same kids, allowing the counselors to know and support every student better
  • Classroom Support — PiE donors pay for two technology mentors to help all Greene teachers best use technology in their curricula, which is increasingly crucial in this era of Common Core, and also for a computer lab tech to work with teachers and students in the school’s computer lab to ensure that time in the lab is spent productively and efficiently. Without PiE donations, the school’s computer lab could not be staffed to offer this support

Your 2019-20 Greene PiE Representatives are Purvi Kapadia, Jennifer Antonow, Colleen Gormley, Colleen Backstrand, Kristina Vetter, Doug Hagan, Leena Sansguiri and Dana Guillet. Questions? Please email them at greene AT SIGN


“The primary goal of educators and parents alike is to ensure that our students have expansive and creative academic opportunities in our schools. The invaluable partnership between PAUSD and PiE enables our middle schools to support the whole student! As a principal, I am extremely pleased to be able to have comprehensive mental health and guidance counseling for our entire student body. Additionally, due to the generous support of parent donations to PiE, the students at Greene have bountiful opportunities to access and explore dozens of electives in the visual and performing arts, world languages, and technology. Students are able to explore interests in ceramics and architectural drawing, and learn valuable life skills in classes like Money Matters and Broadcast. The visual and performing arts programs at Greene are outstanding, and PiE donations also support teacher leadership and innovation in the classroom and school-wide. We couldn’t do it without you!!”

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt, Principal

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