Gunn High School

For the 2024-25 school year, generous donations to PiE have provided Gunn with $827,217 to pay for additional staffing that impacts every student at Gunn. These funds are used on our campus as follows:

  • Innovative Learning Programs — PiE gifts help fund Gunn’s innovative BEAM program, Orchestra, Audio Production, Theatre, and Broadcast Media. PiE dollars are funding Gunn’s science lab tech to ensure that all students have a great experience in lab science. By supporting these electives and programs, PiE donors help Gunn offer its students many opportunities to pursue and hone their interests, and reduces the class size in all electives classes
  • Supportive Guidance Staff — Donations to PiE fund Gunn’s general counseling time, a school-based licensed counselor, the Yes! program, SELF program, Focus on Success, and the SLAM (Students Leaders Anti-Racist Movement) program
  • College and Career Counseling — PiE funds double the resources available to help students with college counseling and post-graduation pathways. PiE contributions to general counseling help make counselors available to support all students’ post-high-school plans
  • PiE also funds Professional Learning Community Coaches who build momentum around shared goals, create essential learning outcomes, and align assessments for course-alike teachers. This improves and aligns each of the core subject courses for every student at Gunn.

Your 2024-25 Gunn PiE Representatives are Rachel Miller, Joyce Farnsworth, Jenny Lin, and Ana Eng. Questions about PiE? Please email them at

School Address & Phone Number:

780 Arastradero Road Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 354-8200

“The generous support from Partners in Education is a game changer for Gunn High School students and staff. Donations to PiE, from our parents and community, play a pivotal role in our ability to support all students in accessing a world class education. The additional counseling services, elective courses, and instructional supports significantly bolster our collective ability to adapt to the challenges to teaching and learning that we are facing. We are so appreciative of the high value our community places on high-quality teaching and learning and the positive impact it has on all of our students.”

Wendy Stratton, Principal