Palo Alto High School (Paly)

For the 2020-21 school year, PiE will provide Paly with $1,157,499, because of generous donations from parents and community members. Funds are allocated to key programs and staff to support all Paly students, including:

  • PiE dollars fund a grade-level counselor, which makes it possible for one counselor to follow your student throughout their four years, and additional guidance support staff
  • PiE funds support the College and Career Center providing College Advisors who help students with college counseling and learning about post-graduation pathways
  • PiE dollars are spent on enhancing electives for students, including Theatre, as well as funding Science classes
  • PiE dollars help support the Teacher Advisor program, reducing the number of students seen by each teacher. Teacher Advisors help with course selection, college advice and write college recommendation letters
  • Paly’s Wellness and Support initiatives are funded by PiE including CASSY counseling and the Wellness Outreach program

Your 2020-21 PiE Representatives are Jacqueline Ramsdale, Kate Glasson, Sudeshna Raha, Elizabeth Olson, Kristina Vetter, Leena Sansguiri, Doug Hagan, Husna Hashmi, Weiping He, Brette Hudacek, Adriana Eberle, Chris Eberle, Evelyn Zhan, Kate Healy, Charu Gupta, Stephanie Frick, Meera Saxena, Shirley Sun, and Kristina Toland. Questions about PiE? Please email them at

Some of the programs and roles described above are based on the prior, in-person learning model. As plans evolve during the pandemic, these programs may be offered virtually or adapted as the school year progresses.

School Address & Phone Number:

50 Embarcadero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 329-3701

“PiE’s funding allows us to provide increased levels of academic and social/emotional support to all students. PiE dollars fund grade-level counselors, support the College and Career Center, enhance electives for students, and support the Teacher Advisor and Wellness programs. PiE’s funding allows students to benefit by having more enriching programs that foster their creativity, knowledge, and overall growth into young adults. Without PiE we would struggle to provide these opportunities for our students. All of us at Paly are grateful for the continued generosity of our PiE donors as we continue to work at providing a well-rounded educational experience for all our students at Paly.”

Brent Kline, Principal