The Slice – March 2013

The Slice

Thank You For the Big Gift To Our Schools – $4.9 Million!

PiE has presented a $4.9 million check – its largest ever – to the Palo Alto Unified School District. This big gift to our schools is the collective effort of more than 4,600 donors like you who united to safeguard academic excellence. This issue of The Slice highlights the impact of PiE’s Annual Gift on students of all school ages. Your donations fund the additional teaching specialists, staff and programs that help kids connect with their passions and achieve their potential. Thank You for making it all possible.


High School: Strategies for Students “In the Middle”

Is a “C” in high school a good grade? The principals at both Palo Alto high schools say yes because it is a “passing” grade. Some Palo Alto parents of C students would disagree. Fortunately, in Palo Alto high schools, there are many resources and options available to students “in the middle” and their families.

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PiE_Middle-TermanStudents_201305IN OUR MIDDLE SCHOOLS

Middle School Students “in the Middle”

How do the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) counselors track the progress of every middle school student if they have never, in their three years of middle school, made an appointment to see a counselor other than for a class scheduling matter? What happens if they are “in the middle,” with perhaps below-average “Palo Alto” grades?

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Capturing the Imagination of K-5 Learners

When you think back to your elementary school years, chances are it is people who spring to mind. Every child remembers a handful of teachers that inspire a love of learning or uncover a new passion. In Palo Alto, Partners in Education (PiE) funds help expand that circle of influence beyond classroom teachers, adding dedicated professionals who become fixtures at school, and enriching curriculum with subjects ranging from science and theatre, to reading and life skills.

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