JLS Middle School

At JLS, generous donations to PiE help create a more caring environment for kids and help kids find their interests in school. Specifically, during 2023-24, thanks to the support of parents and community members, gifts to PiE will provide $487,720 to JLS which will be used to support:

  • Additional Compelling Electives — PiE dollars add additional electives and reduce class sizes in all electives. Because of gifts to PiE, JLS offers electives including Design & Tech, Money Matters, Industrial Tech, Marine Biology, Creative Writing, Broadcast Journalism, KJLS Video Production, Ceramics, and Music sectionals and accompanists. PiE dollars mean that JLS can maintain or increase popular electives to help kids find their interests in middle school
  • Student Guidance, Wellness, and Support — Donations to PiE help fund student support activities, including funding Panther Camp for all incoming students, Team Leads, and paying for vital additional Guidance Counselor time. PiE dollars also supports psychological counselors at JLS, allowing for deeper connections of kids and swifter response to problems

Your 2023-24 PiE Representatives are Karen Kesner, Carolyn Bao, Miguel Lopez, Heewon Park, Melanie Gurunathan, and Marilyn Li. Questions about PiE? Please email them at jls@papie.org.

School Address & Phone Number:

480 E. Meadow Drive Palo Alto, CA 94306 (650) 856-5188

“JLS is an amazing place thanks to the dollars we receive from PiE. We are incredibly fortunate to provide our students with diverse electives, guidance counselors at every grade level, expanded technology resources and increased efforts towards developing our students’ social-emotional skills. PiE funds greatly enrich the learning experiences of our students and foster a strong sense of pride and joy throughout our learning community. Thank you for your continued support!”

Chris Grierson, Principal