Partners in Education (PiE) Launches $5 Million Fundraising Campaign

PiE Funds Will Provide Resources for Art, Music, Science and Caring Adult Support in PAUSD

PALO ALTO, CA – August 8, 2013. Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) announced today the launch of its 2013-4 fundraising campaign, Download a PDF version of this press release.which aims to secure $5 million in donations for Palo Alto Unified public schools. This year’s campaign builds off the success of PiE’s efforts last year, which raised a record $4.9 million for public school students in Palo Alto.

PiE funds this school year are paying for elements of the Palo Alto public education program that are integral to student success and well being at every school level. In elementary schools, PiE is funding classroom aides, hands-on science and art instruction, instrumental music and counseling support. In middle school, PiE will underwrite engaging electives that give students a chance to discover their creative spark, along with counselors that are crucial to healthy adolescent development. And in high school, PiE will provide counselors who ensure that students are well supported throughout their four years and during the college application process, along with electives such as sports nutrition and robotics. The funds raised in this year’s PiE campaign will ensure that these programs continue for the 2014-15 school year.

“The funds raised by Partners in Education are crucial to our ability to provide a high quality education program for all PAUSD students,” said Kevin Skelly, Superintendent of Palo Alto Unified School District. “We rely on PiE more every year to ensure that our schools are giving students the adult support, arts and science enrichment, and engaged learning that is essential to their academic and social development.”

About 200 parent volunteers make up the backbone of PiE’s fundraising efforts, with PiE representatives who lead the campaign at each of Palo Alto’s 18 public schools. Last year, more than 4,500 families gave to Partners in Education. Many parents chose to give at the suggested ask of $800 per child, while others gave at a different level, including the 475 families who joined PiE’s Leadership Circle with a gift of $2,500 or more. PiE also benefits from strong partnerships with the business community and from donations received by other Palo Alto community members who value public education. This year’s PiE campaign is kicking off with a generous challenge grant that will double all PiE donations received by August 31st (up to $300,000 in total).

“This year’s PiE campaign will raise funds for areas that are high value for Palo Alto parents: lower adult to student ratios, hands-on music, art and science instruction, exciting electives and supportive counseling staff,” said Terry Godfrey, President of the PiE Board of Directors. “Through our back-to-school-challenge grant in August, we hope families will give early to PiE to double their donations and get our campaign off to a strong start.”

About Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE)

Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education foundation dedicated to supporting all Palo Alto public schools. Through PiE’s partnership with parents, the school district, community members and businesses, PiE raises funds that give all students in PAUSD the best education possible. Since PiE’s inception in 2004-05, it has donated almost $25 million to Palo Alto schools. Learn more about PiE by visiting the Palo Alto Partners in Education website.


Victoria Thorp, Communications Chair