The Slice – May 2013

The Slice

Graduates Share Lessons Learned At Each School Level

Hindsight is 20 / 20 and everyone wishes they could look back from the future and give themselves a little advice based on what they’ve learned. To help this year’s crop of graduates prepare for their new school, students from Kindergarten and Middle School to High School and College counsel the incoming class about “what wish I’d known.” Many students interviewed advise taking advantage of the many Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE)-funded staff who help kids transition to new schools and get the most out of each school level.


Letter to Myself As a High School Freshman

For six Palo Alto students who recently exited their secure high school lives for unknown futures in college, the news from the afterlife is good.

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PiE_Middle-TermanStudents_201305IN OUR MIDDLE SCHOOLS

Letter to My Middle School Self

According to six students from the three PAUSD middle schools, the two greatest transitions in their school careers were the fearsome leap from elementary to middle school, and the “Game Changer” – the transition from 6th to 7th grade, where core teachers are replaced by single-subject teachers, the homework load escalates, and classes are spread out all over campus.

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Letter to My Kindergarten Self

What do “older” elementary school students think kindergartners fear the most about starting elementary school? Seven students who are now “upperclassmen” in Palo Alto elementary schools – in third grade or beyond – chat with a Partners in Education (PiE) writer about how they would counsel themselves during their first days as kindergartner.

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